About the project


Foreign languages are essential for European citizens who would like to move, work, and study across the EU. Learning a foreign language is also considered an important factor to enable communication and participation in European society, as stated by EUROSTAT in it’s Foreign Language Learning Statistics from October 2017.

Why our project exists

The L2 Lifestyle project exists to increase language learners’ motivation across Europe. Language learners want to find some meaningful connection between the words and phrases they learn and their deep desires and motivations for learning a language. Incidentally, so do we – we’re all learners of other languages or have experience of teaching languages and running language schools across Europe. But we believe we need to rethink some of the techniques we use to teach languages.

At some point along the line, it became less about the individual and more about the grammar, the page of the course book or the final exam. We push back against that. We think teachers play a vital role in motivating their learners. But we also know they’re not always trained to do this. That’s the reason for our project. We want to improve teachers’ use of coaching, emotional intelligence and soft skills in the classroom. We want to improve their teaching of these skills to their learners, and we want to create a coaching-friendly environment in language schools across Europe.

Our objectives

Language teachers will acquire new and innovative teaching skills which will help them being more employable and experience greater job stability.

Learners who will acquire higher employability and greater job stability through the acquisition of new communication skills in a foreign language.

Teachers and school management will benefit from a sustainable institution approach to learning.

Key figures

60+ learning materials

Over 20 conference events

100s coaching conversations

Work today is increasingly transnational and being able to communicate in different languages is ,therefore, a priority for most European companies when recruiting new employees. One inhibiting factors to learning success is that new language acquisition is not a fast and effortless process. It requires many hours of specific training, practice, and demands rich, human interactions. The L2 LifeStyle focuses on developing faster and more effective language and communication raining, and wants to provide citizens not only with new language knowledge but also better communication and people skills.

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