The project consortium is composed of 6 organisations from 5 different EU countries: UK – York Associates, IRELAND – I&F Education, ROMANIA – CPIP, SPAIN – Babel Idiomas and Diamond Building and POLAND – Arid Association. It includes cooperation between new and old European Member States. All project partners have long-standing records of implementation of similar projects and thus bring with the necessary project management skills and international cooperation competences, including language skills. All partners have experiences working with different target groups of relevance for the project, thus covering the needs of individuals as well as institutional target groups such language teaching and training schools, institutions and associations. Furthermore all consortium partners have vast experience in applying different educational methods within adult education activities, and they see the benefits of sharing this knowledge.

Effective communication skills are key to your company’s international success. But better language doesn’t always equal better communication. That’s our philosophy.

Our customised and engaging training, coaching and digital learning solutions will make you a better communicator.

York Associates


We are an Irish organisation working in and from Dublin for the educational development of people of all ages, especially in the areas of language acquisition, sport and personal development, youth and entrepreneurship.

We are involved in a number of Transnational European Projects and are part of The New Ideas for New Opportunities European Network.

I&F Education


We develop national and international projects on various social and educational topics. Our projects are co-financed by the European Commission wthrough various programs designed for education, culture and audio-visual tools



We believe that languages serve to communicate with other people and without this communication there would be no way to grow, learn, travel and enrich ourselves as a person and as a society.

Babel Idiomas


The best tools for Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-linguistic Programming. If you want a change in your life you only need the necessary tools, a lot of effort and a complete commitment.

Diamond Building


Association ARID was established in August 2009 in Krakow. Since its founding goal of the Association to promote the development of regions, including in particular the development of open attitudes towards knowledge and innovation, and dissemination of modern information technologies. The Association also aims at facilitating the flow of information about the latest developments in science and technology applicable to adults in lifelong learning. At present, the Association pursues one international project within the framework the projects under ERASMUS +. For details, we invite you to the “On going projects”.