The L2 Lifestyle project upskills language teachers in using coaching techniques, based partly upon Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), in the L2 language classroom Language teachers all over Europe can benefit from the application of newly developed teaching and learner development techniques and become more effective at their job. We provide L2 Language teachers across Europe with the necessary innovative, and non-academic, tools and knowledge to be able to offer more effective language learning to their adult language students.

You may download resources for language coaching here:

We created 20 training pills that will help language teachers understand the role of coaching and how it can be applied to their language classes to enhance the learning experience and outcome of their students.

Who is it for: Language teachers
Format: Powerpoint presentations


We designed 20 activities for teachers to use in their language classrooms to enhance the motivation and outcomes for their students. Each activity comes with notes for the teacher to use. 

Who is it for? Language teachers and students


We researched and designed a set of learning and workshop resources for schools to use to train teachers, managers and staff in coaching and emotional intelligence skills. 

Who is it for? Language teachers, trainers and Academic Managers

Format: PDF workshop guides.